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Idea 11 builds custom software for organisations. With a particular focus and deep expertise in cloud software development, API integration, and mobile apps, we can make your project a success. 

Idea 11 and cloud software development


Building cloud-based software for business

We develop cloud-based software tailored to your business  operations We cover all aspects of cloud software development, along with  API integration 


Cloud native by default

We use modern cloud software development techniques that are flexible and scalable by default. 


Real-world agile approach to software development

Our agile development framework gets real results, fast. We also ensured it's pragmatic enough to work within any kind of organisation. 


Multi-language, multi-framework

Modern software development uses multiple languages and frameworks. We use .NET, Python, Javascript - and many others. 


Idea 11 is here to help your organisation with its cloud software development.  

Being a software-integrated organisation is table-stakes for success in the marketplace today. It used to be that using commercial software in your business was enough. No longer. Software is transforming the world. To be a market success today, your enterprise needs to be a software-integrated entity with a focus on API integration, where your applications are integrated with your operations in the way that is uniquely you. 

That's your digital competitive advantage. 

We help organisations achieve this goal. Whether it's modernising your existing software, integrating, or developing new cloud-based apps from scratch: we'll get it done. 

Agile software delivery simply works. 

A blend of Scrum and Prince2 Agile, our methodology works in both agile-aware businesses and those with stakeholders that don't know agile. 

Open communication and delivering working cloud software regularly are key. When we build a product with you, we're doing it with you - with customer-blended teams to ensure we all work together on the right thing, every day. 


Delivering results: Big and small. 

We work on both large-scale projects and smaller-scale initiatives. The commonality? There's something to achieve, and we can make a difference. 

We built RTA Web Services: a complex, deeply integrated  web and cloud based software to perform rental bond management for the Queensland Government's Residential Tenancies Authority. 

We built the City of Gold Coast's City App, a data-integrated app that allows citizens to report real-world issues to council. 

And we also saved G8 Education 1000 man-hours of data entry each year in one development sprint. 

Leveraging Idea 11 for innovation

REIQ rely on Idea 11's deep cloud knowledge to achieve more and deliver more for their customers.

Idea 11 Cloud software development & API Integration Solutions 

Whether you want to create a brand-new app from scratch or modernise your existing software, we have the capability and agile approach to get your cloud based software developed. 


Modern App Development

We build modern apps. Web, iOS and Android. We've got a particular specialty in custom API integration, data requirements and a cloud back-end. 


Software Modernisation

We can help you modernise your classic or monolith applications by integrating with cloud native technologies.


Web App Development Services

We live and breathe web technologies. Web-based cloud native apps are our speciality.


Review & Design

Will your software scale, and what opportunities are biggest bang-for-buck? We can review your software stack and design improvements.


API Integration

As an API integration company, our API integration solutions include specialisation in mission-critical or data heavy APIs. 



Cloud Scalability

Need scalability? We can engineer for scale, so your software architecture won't hold you back. To infinity, and beyond!

How we transformed rental bond management in Queensland

"As our digital partner, Idea 11 provided the technical skills and experience in .NET and AWS that were needed for the successful implementation of the project. Idea 11 not only created the front-end digital form services platform, but also worked closely with RTA’s business leads to achieve automation throughout the CRM processing steps.”

Read the case study on the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) in Queensland.

How Idea 11 has transformed our customers industries

Idea 11 transforms rental bond management in Queensland.

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Idea 11 empowered the City of Gold Coast to be an active digital city.

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Idea 11 delivers scalable cloud architecture to Stoddart Group.

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The REIQ partners with Idea 11 to future-proof their organisation.

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