Azure Landing Zone

A highly secure, scalable, automated, multi-subscription Microsoft Azure environment aligned with Azure best practices.

Accelerate and de-risk your cloud journey with Azure & Idea 11

The Idea 11 Azure Landing Zone commences your journey to Azure through a best-practice, secure and scalable Microsoft Azure architecture. Based on Idea 11’s extensive experience and alignment with Azure Well-Architected best practices, our Azure Landing Zone provides the best foundations for your organisation to quickly deploy and build your infrastructure and applications on.

With an Idea 11 Landing Zone you get:

Azure Policy, Auditing and Logs

Predefined auditing and preventive rules that enable ongoing governance for your Azure environment.

Centralised audit and logging of Azure resources to a separate management subscription to meet organisational security requirements.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Centrally managed Role-Based Access Control across all Azure subscriptions backed by the industry leading Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), allowing your users to access all their Azure resources while maintaining security.

Azure Management Groups

A baseline Azure Management-Group structure to future proof the management of your Azure environment.

Multi-Subscription Strategy

A centralised Azure multi-subscription environment providing your business with streamlined billing, flexible security controls, resource isolation, and fast innovation.


Centralised and automated data protection of supported Azure services across all subscriptions and resource groups to help you meet data protection requirements.

Patch Management

Automated operating system patching for security and other types of updates across your Azure environment.

How we do it:

  • We perform a workshop with you to understand your business and your Azure Landing Zone requirements. We will then work collaboratively with your team to build your Idea 11 Azure Landing Zone.
  • Idea 11’s Azure Landing Zone utilises native Azure services to provide the Well-Architected features and functionality you require to build your infrastructure and application foundations.
  • We’ll walk you through your new Azure Landing Zone with a Q&A to get your journey started.
  • The engagement is fixed price and typically takes 1 week.

What is the Idea 11 Azure Landing Zone suitable for?

Whether you are just starting your Azure journey and are looking for the foundations to build upon, or if you are already in Azure but need to improve on being Well-Architected, the Idea 11 Azure Landing Zone can be deployed in both new and existing environments.



What's included

Facilitated Requirements Workshop

Azure Management Groups

Multi-Subscription Strategy

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Environment walk-through

Auditing and Logs

Azure Policy

Backups & Patch Management 

Azure Cost & Billing Controls

Workload Migration - Optional

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