VMware Cloud on AWS is a fast migration to cloud

Accelerate your transition to a cloud native organisation with VMware Cloud on AWS. For enterprises that need a rapid datacentre exit, hybrid cloud infrastructure, or a cloud-powered VMware architecture.

VMware Cloud on AWS is your key to get to the cloud faster while maintaining your in-house IT skillsets. All within an environment that fosters the innovation enablers associated with AWS.

Idea 11 will modernise your IT footprint via a VMware Cloud on AWS migration. Our rapid rollout is achieved by:


Design Suitable Platforms

Idea 11 design, configure and secure your new VMware cloud environment and deploy the foundational requirements required for the migration.


Integrate Networks

We link on-premises environments and AWS for seamless connectivity between your datacentre and VMC environments.


Rapid Migration Strategy

We aim for minimal disruption to your existing IT infrastructure and team. Shifting your existing workloads to a cloud data centre.


Continual Post Migration Support

Now that you've established your AWS presence, we support you through our TechOps managed services team or provide a detailed handover to your team.

Enterprises with large numbers of on-premise servers can quickly transition towards a cloud operating model, while maintaining their existing IT foundations.

  • Simplify a future transition to cloud native.
  • Create a low risk and rapid move away from data centres
  • Immediate access to the scalability, availability and security of AWS.

Start operating in native AWS. Rapidly.

Organisations within VMware Cloud on AWS have near complete access to the vast amount of AWS services including compute, database, analytics, IoT, AI/ML, security, and more. This rapid innovation enabler is a low risk way to access databases and tools not possible in a traditional data centre. Idea 11 ensures that your hybrid infrastructure is as close to business as usual as possible. Removing the need to replatform applications or modify operations.


Become next generation by simply adapting your existing IT framework

Going next-generation cloud doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel. VMware Cloud on AWS provides immediate access to AWS infrastructure and services while enabling you to leverage your existing framework based on VMware. Get the best of both.

Why VMware on AWS?

VMware Cloud on AWS iterates your architecture :


Rapid datacentre exit

Need to exit your datacentre fast? A migration to VMware Cloud on AWS can be as seamless as a vMotion.


Replace your datacentre, not your framework

Replace your physical datacentre, but maintain your IT framework and the skills you’ve built with VMware’s proven tech stack.


Extend your VMware architecture

Extend your VMware environment with a second or a third datacentre, for that extra capacity, performance, or business continuity.


Cross cloud portability

Move to the cloud but maintain future portability or extension through VMware Cloud on AWS.

Experts in VMware and AWS

We want to work with the best experts in Australia. Our culture is paramount to this success.

Working on projects such as VMware Cloud on AWS is empowering work. We see our customers become excited about the prospect of improving the reliability, speed and performance of their systems. We get excited about how this translates to extra value for their customers. Idea 11 has designed a methodology that works time and time again, and it’s been created out of a team that enjoy working together and love developing innovative practices.

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