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How do Data & Analytics trends inform our Consulting Services?

By Idea 11 Consulting / February 8, 2024
Data & Analytics Consulting Services

As we called out in our 2024 trends article, Australian businesses are at the forefront of a data revolution, marked by innovative advancements like Augmented Analytics, Edge Analytics, and Data Observability. As your trusted Databricks Consulting Partners, Idea 11 is dedicated to guiding you through these trends, ensuring you harness their…

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Digital Transformation in Australia: 2024 Trends to Watch

By Idea 11 Consulting / December 13, 2023

Covering Cloud Software Development, Data & Analytics Consulting Services, TechOps Managed Services, and DevOps Looking back on 2023, it’s been a stellar year for digital transformation at Idea 11! We’ve been busy all year with innovative projects, delivering fantastic results, and welcoming lots of new customers looking to push the envelope…

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How Idea 11 doubled a council’s mobile app user base with cloud software development 

By Idea 11 Consulting / October 5, 2023

In today’s tech-driven world, moving to the cloud isn’t the final destination; it’s where the real journey begins for organisations. It’s the starting point for a transformation that unlocks possibilities previously hindered by outdated systems and in-house limitations. At the heart of this transformation is cloud software development, a rising trend…

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Why AWS? Insights from a leading AWS partner 

By Idea 11 Consulting / June 30, 2023
Idea 11 is an AWS partner

The cloud market has become a hotbed of creativity thanks to increased global adoption, innovation from industry leaders, and competition.   Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a driving force in this transformational shift. With an estimated 32% of the market share, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility and pioneering industry-leading changes…

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From implementation to optimisation: How DevOps consulting services are evolving in 2023  

By Idea 11 Consulting / April 19, 2023

Over the past decade, DevOps, which combines software development and IT operations, has dramatically changed from a developer-led trend to a top strategic priority. Faster releases are no longer the only goal; agility, resilience, and optimum business performance are equally important While there’s talk of DevOps losing relevance, the signs are…

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Transforming your modern workplace with a Microsoft 365 partner

By Idea 11 Consulting / March 1, 2023

The modern workplace is evolving. For most businesses, it’s not enough to stay in touch; you also need a space to share content and communicate with others in a non-linear fashion – one where everyone is connected to each other at all times. Enter cloud collaboration – the ability to work…

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Leading cloud consultants share AWS cloud security best practices 

By Idea 11 Consulting / February 1, 2023

“Our world is way more online these days. Twenty years ago, you could live perfectly well without a computer or mobile phone,” says Sergey Kozhevnikov, Solutions Architect at Idea 11. While many companies have enjoyed the obvious benefits of rapid digitisation, driven in part by the Covid-19 pandemic, hackers and bad…

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Cloud managed services: How businesses are harnessing the full power of the cloud with TechOps

By Idea 11 Consulting / December 20, 2022

Businesses are buying into the benefits of cloud transformation in huge numbers as they look to reshape business models for the better, harness data to produce lucrative new commercial opportunities, and automate processes to redefine customer service. As more organisations make the switch, finding a reliable way to manage their cloud…

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How cloud software development is transforming the tools of business 

By Idea 11 Consulting / November 10, 2022

As cloud drives digital transformation, it’s become crucial to all aspects of business. However, central to cloud’s importance is the role of software applications. Cloud is a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient platform to house applications. But it’s the applications themselves that empower business. Applications are essential tools: whether to share ideas,…

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Idea 11: Your data analytics consulting services partner

By Idea 11 Consulting / October 4, 2022

“If you don’t know what’s happening with your organisation or customers, it’s hard to improve performance.” This comment by Teangi Shoesmith, Senior Consulting Developer at Idea 11, is all the more relevant now as business data grows exponentially. For many SMBs, huge amounts of essential data often sits idle and untapped…

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Internal budgeting for agile software development

By James Kahn / November 1, 2021

You’re planning on building software at your organisation, and you’re not a software company. Whether it’s an app, API, data or DevOps, you want the best result and the best software – fast too, if possible – so you’ll deliver using a form of agile. Scope is flexible, and time is…

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You can’t innovate while your house is on fire

By James Kahn / August 16, 2021

Email *dings* then *dings* again. Slack notifications come flying in. Your phone rings – there’s a problem. Sounds like it’s going to be a bad day. We’ve all had days like that. They’re a part of modern business life. But if too many days are like that – worse, if every…

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Products vs Projects – On software development in the enterprise

By James Kahn / August 9, 2021

When it comes to software, the pendulum is swinging back towards “build” in the build vs buy decision. Enterprise and government organisations alike that aren’t software companies are building software. They’re traditional organisations that are great at their core business, but that core business isn’t building software. It makes sense for…

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How to set up an Amazon Connect on-demand contact centre in 10 minutes

By Rian Brooks-Kane / July 2, 2020

Over the last few months, the world has changed dramatically. Next week, I will have been working from home for nearly a month due to social isolation requirements. The way people are working is changing and the ability to do your job from home could mean everything to either your internal…

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AWS Summit Online Australia & New Zealand: Recap

By Rian Brooks-Kane / May 21, 2020

While we were getting ready for AWS Summit 2020, the world changed dramatically for everyone and unfortunately resulted in the cancellation of all mass events, including the AWS Summit.

A month later, AWS announced that the AWS Summit will be streamed online as a virtual conference. If you were unable to attend the online summit, we’ve got you covered.

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Idea 11 helps City of Gold Coast build Digital City Platform

By James Kahn / March 19, 2019

City of Gold Coast, Australia’s second largest local government, is becoming an active digital city.

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Idea 11 honoured in 2018 growth awards

By James Kahn / November 19, 2018

Idea 11 is honoured and humbled to again achieve industry recognition through placing in Australia-wide growth awards in 2018.

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Tuning apache2 with apache2buddy

By Kyle Hartigan / June 25, 2018

Apache and Nginx are two of the most popular web servers in the open source community. between them, they are responsible for serving over half of the traffic on the internet. Both services have Pros and Cons that need to be taken into account when working out which solution to implement.…

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Idea 11 is one of the first Palo Alto Networks Public Cloud Specialised Partners in Australia

By James Kahn / May 8, 2018

I’m pleased to announce that Idea 11 is one of the first Public Cloud Specialised partners for Palo Alto Networks in Australia, and the first in Queensland. Meeting the requirements of this designation demonstrates our commitment to delivering Palo Alto Networks solutions on the AWS platform, and we’re excited to share…

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Configuring Amazon WorkSpaces Registration Code Automatically

By Rian Brooks-Kane / February 23, 2018

Here at Idea 11 we work with our customers to deploy Amazon WorkSpaces. A lot of WorkSpaces. In an enterprise, one annoying aspect of the client is the Registration Code. This code is used to tell the WorkSpace client where to connect. Now obviously just telling the end users to enter this…

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