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Idea 11 has over a decade of experience helping customers leverage Microsoft solutions including Office 365. We're a Microsoft Gold Partner with 4 of Microsoft's Solution Designations, and with the proven expertise to guide you on your modern work transformation.

You may have already started your Office 365 journey – but are you making the most of all that Microsoft 365 can offer?

At Idea 11, we know how to move beyond basic cloud-mail enablement.

Idea 11 is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We’ve helped many customers transform their traditional business productivity applications to cloud-powered solutions based on Microsoft 365, and we know how to work with you to achieve the greatest business benefit, with the smallest business impact.

We can help you leverage the vast potential that the Microsoft 365 suite offers – from cloud-powered mail to advanced communication and collaboration tools, flexible and remote working capabilities, best-in-class endpoint security, and powerful business security and analytics.

Whether you’ve already started your Microsoft 365 journey – or you’re yet to make the move – we’re here to help.


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Are you ready to make your Microsoft 365 the best it can be?

Are you making the most of Microsoft 365?


Cloud-powered mail, contacts and calendar based on the world’s leading email platform, Microsoft Exchange Online.


Increase staff productivity and remote working capability, with enhanced communication and collaboration tools powered by Microsoft Teams.


Say goodbye to traditional telephony, carriers and desk phones – scalable cloud-based telephony powered by Microsoft Teams.


Anywhere, anytime, documents and workflows, through cloud file storage and document management, based on Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online.


Secure corporate and personal devices with best-in-class endpoint security, powered by Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender.


Protect your business, applications and data with powerful security and analytics capabilities founded on Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.

How we can help your Microsoft 365 journey.

We offer a range of services to assist you through your journey to Microsoft 365.


Discovery and Design

While for most customers, Microsoft 365 can be a straight-forward process, others are looking for help understanding what it means for their business and how to get started.

Our Discovery and Design process is where we can help decipher what Microsoft 365 means for your business, how to get the most benefit with the least business impact, and where to start.
We'll guide you through a process to explore Microsoft 365, establish your objectives, workshop a future state, and design a path forward.


Microsoft 365 Foundations

We can work with you to establish the foundations of your new Microsoft 365 environment.

We’ll help you to establish your new tenant, integrate it with your existing on-premises and third party solutions, establish baseline security, identity configuration and controls, and prepare you to enable services in a structured and secure way.


Mail and Content Migration

We can help you migrate your existing email, documents and other data to the new Microsoft 365 services.

For some customers, this means migrating from on-premises Exchange, SharePoint and file servers to the cloud, while for others, it means migrating from other cloud solutions or third party providers. Either way, we have the expertise to maximise success and minimise impact.


Teams Enablement

Microsoft Teams offers fantastic capabilities that can transform the way your staff communicate and collaborate. Whether it’s instant messaging and presence, conferencing and collaboration, or full cloud-telephony, we can help you enable your business for Microsoft Teams, and enable your staff to work untethered from their desk.


Advanced Threat Protection

Cybersecurity is critical for every business in today’s digital world.

Microsoft 365 has a vast range of security services aimed at protecting your entire business – staff, applications, data and more. We can help you to secure your environment using the advanced cloud-based security services, before it’s too late.


Endpoint Security

Endpoints, or devices, are often one of the weakest parts of your IT environment. Why? Because of us users, who sometimes open the wrong attachment, click the wrong link, use outdated software, or bring our own personal (and sometimes questionable) devices.

We can help you secure your endpoints using Microsoft 365 solutions such as Microsoft Defender for antivirus and Microsoft Intune for endpoint management. And whether you only use corporate devices or are empowering your staff to use personal devices, we can help.


Ongoing Support

We know enabling your business with Microsoft 365 is just part of the journey, and we're here to support you moving forward. For some customers, that means support through our TechOps managed services team, and for others it means providing a quality handover back to your own team.

Whichever way, we'll make sure you're ready to go.

We can help define what the cloud will mean to you and help you build the case for change. To find out more about how Idea 11 can help, contact us today, or call on 1300 433 211.

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