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Revolutionising a City: Idea 11's Tech-Powered Mobile App Transformation.


This case study profiles the work undertaken for one of Australia’s largest councils. At the heart of this success story is the adoption of new technologies with the objective of driving improved customer experience.  By establishing significant digital and business investment programs, Idea 11 were able to cement this organisation as a digital leader amongst Australian councils.

Looking to implement a user-friendly mobile experience, this organisation sought the help of Idea 11 to design and implement an engaging digital experience, one that would live up to the overall mission to make life easier for residents, businesses and visitors to the city.


Prior to engaging Idea 11, this organisation had faced problems with their previous mobile app, leading to dissatisfaction from both users and internal stakeholders. Limitations in the platform supporting the previous mobile solution required a radically elevated solution to achieve the desired experience outcomes. Idea 11 was selected to develop a native app experience, supported by a cloud software solution that would fulfil the needs of both customers and stakeholders. This native app was one of the first technologies delivered as part of the customer’s plan to transform the digital customer experience.

The city council’s requirements for this application were:

  • An improved app that gave flexibility to engineer the customer experience.
  • To remove the likelihood of creating further customer frustration and unmet needs.
  • To partner with a provider with Cloud, App development and UX expertise to deliver the digital experience outcomes to meet and exceed customer expectations.


The Solution

Building upon an existing cloud managed services partnership and previous digital transformation work, the city council further evaluated Idea 11’s capabilities and decided they were a great fit for the upcoming project. It was Idea 11’s expertise in cloud software development and mobile apps, as well as the ability to augment the city’s internal teams, that solidified their position as the preferred partner. With an approach centred on providing a simple yet elegant software solution that would grow with and delight end users, Idea 11 was seen as a partner, not just a vendor.

Working collaboratively, on a tight timeframe, the council and Idea 11 team had to define a cohesive minimal viable product and deliver it on both Android and iOS. The team, guided by Idea 11’s experienced mobile developers, spent the initial few sprints establishing the environment and release train within the council’s existing cloud environment. This “slow down to speed up” approach paid dividends in later sprints as the team could easily deliver enhancements and bug fixes to production.



Following initial planning, the short time frame was set, and both the city council and Idea 11 got to work bringing this new mobile app together. Thanks to an agile approach and excellent communication, Idea 11 was able to better collaborate with the city council, allowing for a faster, higher quality project implementation. 

The project implementation included:

  • An initial engagement of 3 months for the first public release. This included the underlying architecture, front-end design, and final build. This was one of the fastest builds the customer had ever experienced from a partner and project of this scope.
  • The collaboration and sharing of ideas between Idea 11 and the customer team, with the organisation supporting the internal transition and leaving the previous app running before retirement.
  • Swarming was used to ensure coordination and completion of tasks, with people stepping outside of their roles as needed.



The city council’s new mobile app has been well received by users, with over 33k downloads in 18 months, receiving positive feedback from both the public and internal stakeholders. New features have been well and truly embraced by users, while a new waste management feature to promote effective recycling has helped provide an educational edge to the app.

Overall, these new features are popular both functionally and environmentally, and the involvement of internal stakeholders during the development of this new app solution has helped build trust and momentum within the organisation.


Outcomes and benefits

The Australian city council now has an easy-to-use, functioning mobile app for both residents, businesses and visitors. It has been widely adopted and viewed as a huge success.

Here are the key outcomes and benefits in a little more detail:

  • Over 33,000 app downloads, which is twice as many as the previous application.
  • Digital store ratings increased significantly from the previous app and are higher on average than comparable Local Government apps.
  • The new mobile app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • Improved engagement between customers and city services, allowing users to report issues quickly and easily.
  • Dynamic updates through configuration without the need for developers, giving the council more control of its offered digital experiences.

The collaborative development work between Idea 11 and the Australian council contributed to the unprecedently high adoption of the app. The organisation describes the app as a huge success thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from both the public and internal stakeholders.

What made Idea 11 the perfect partner?

  • Accountability and strength of partnership: rewarding the council's trust with Idea 11's expert ownership of each aspect of the project.

  • Becoming part of a single cohesive team: Idea 11 and the city council navigated the project together, with Idea 11 providing skilled software development alongside the product ownership of the council.

  • Expertise and capability: Idea 11’s broad set of skills and experience enabled the success of the project overall.

Plans for the future

Having employed an agile approach to bring the product to market, the solution was also strategically built to enable internal updates to parts of the app without the need for constant developer involvement. This ensures users have access to the latest information quickly and efficiently.

The partnership between Idea 11 and the city council is also set to continue to enable more complex and exciting developments to the app.  Wayfinding features are planned that aim to enhance the digital experience for users with easy navigation through the city, and convenient access to various services, such as finding nearby dog parks or accessing important resident account information.

The ongoing collaboration between Idea 11 and the city council will ensure that the app will continuously evolve and improve to meet the users' needs and expectations.

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