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Global aviation and defence leader, TAE Aerospace strategically partners with Idea 11 to revolutionise its technology environment.

About TAE Aerospace:

TAE Aerospace provides comprehensive and integrated solutions globally across defence and commercial aviation markets. 

TAE works with an extensive portfolio of turbine engine, component MRO, design, manufacturing, and fire suppression technology. Known for exceptionally high quality, reliable and safe performance, TAE Aerospace has capability across 11 sites globally to provide diverse services across multiple engine types and system solutions.


The TAE team offers an impressive range of solutions and services across design, engineering, maintenance, condition monitoring, manufacturing and repair solutions in aviation and defence worldwide. 

Their CIO & Chief Compliance Officer, Mark Pearce, had an ICT strategic vision that sought to align IT capabilities and performance to enable and support a modern agile approach to TAE’s international expansion and acquisition goals. 

As part of the strategic vision, TAE would move to a new purpose-built 16,000 sqm Turbine Engine Maintenance Facility that would act as the Asia-Pacific Head Office of Aerospace and Defence in Bundamba, Queensland.

Idea 11 and TAE already had an established strategic partnership ongoing since 2013, with Idea 11 acting as TAE’s TechOps Managed Services Partner, providing end-to-end support and ensuring systems were ITAR compliant. 

As TAE’s strategic technology partner, Idea 11 was engaged to design and implement a future-state ICT design that would connect TAE’s ICT strategic vision to a high-performing, agile and scalable infrastructure ready for business growth and transformation into the future. 

"“Idea 11 was fantastic in working with us to define what that future state would look like. How do we shift from our current legacy infrastructure and systems to where we wanted to be. They were critical…and without Idea 11’s input to the process, we wouldn’t be where we are today”."

- Mark Pearce’s, TAE’s CIO & Chief Compliance Officer.

The Challenge

The ICT strategic vision required an IT solution that would support future acquisitions with zero disruption to operations, security and compliance. TAE operates within high-security environments subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and as such, all functions are subject to rigorous controls, policies and procedures. 

In line with regulations and the ICT strategic vision, Idea 11 elevated TAE from traditional on-premises environment and ageing infrastructure. Under the original infrastructure, all sites across TAE were reliant on the stability and ongoing operation of its Amberley site, posing significant risks to operations and productivity when the Amberley site was offline or required maintenance. 


“The major challenges we have had at TAE were related to legacy infrastructure and the sites we were located at. Amberley was a fantastic base, however if that site went down, then our entire business went down. Every site was connected back to that mothership.”

The Solution

To create a comprehensive future state plan, Idea 11 worked closely to identify and detail TAE’s evolved requirements to create next-generation operations that meet strict compliance policies and ITAR regulations. 

To advance the ageing infrastructure and align to TAE’s objectives, the plan needed to encompass multi-regional operations, global security across end-user devices and systems, and modern applications that enable internal processes and collaboration. 

From the onset, capacity, security, cost-efficiency, scalability and future-proofing were compiled into the robust service design.


“We’ve changed the way we operate from a low based knowledge to a greatly increased ability to understand how our IT is operating. Idea 11 have been fantastic in designing what that looks like and training our staff.”


Using the renowned and secure AWS platform, Idea 11 began the technological change. 


“Idea 11 is an AWS partner which has been fantastic for us to work closely with. Someone who is connected to those vendors and can give us great advice on how to structure our infrastructure.”


With a planned and structured migration, on premises infrastructure was transitioned to the secure AWS public cloud foundation or retired where possible. In addition, Cisco Meraki and Palo Alto Networks infrastructure enabled the internal network redesign, segmentation and perimeter security globally. 

Unfaltering and rigorous security precautions were implemented at every phase. Solutions such as Commvault for global enterprise data protection and Microsoft Endpoint Protection allow for advanced endpoint security and exploit mitigation. 

Finally, to support the international operating environment for end-users, a secure Windows 10 environment was implemented along with Microsoft Intune for mobile device management and protection. 

Once the transition to the new Bundamba office was complete, Idea 11 continued to support TAE as their strategic IT partner and Managed Services Provider. Idea 11 is focused on providing personalised, innovative and efficient solutions along with 24x7x365 TechOps managed services, enabling TAE Aerospace to continue on its mission for growth.

Outcomes and benefits

  • Created a future-ready business: When the COVID-19 pandemic took effect, TAE was already supported by cloud-based productivity applications allowing business as usual operations and zero disruption to international acquisition strategies. 
  • High performing IT environment supported the strategic vision: Agile and efficient IT operational practices created a zero-latency enterprise when TAE acquired three additional US-based companies in 2019 with seamless integration to operations. 
  • Risk minimisation and improved capability: Shifting from traditional legacy systems to a public cloud design decentralised the risks of one primary datacentre location, vulnerabilities in outdated software, and inefficient performance.


“With a cloud-first strategy, an internet connection and a screen is all our people need to be productive anywhere in the world at any time” - Mark Pearce


  • Actionable analytics allowing for unified solutions: TAE now has streamlined visibility across all global sites enabling the business to triage problems and create unified solutions. 
  • Improved employee morale and productivity: Employees are supported by a work-from-home policy and productivity tools that foster collaboration, job satisfaction and confidence in operations.


“We’ve developed a fantastic advantage. Our productivity has gone up, our knowledge has gone up, and our people are much more happier that they’ve got an easier way to navigate through and get to a business solution through our IT support" - Mark Pearce


At a glance

  • Agile & efficient IT operational practices created a zero-latency enterprise allowing TAE to acquire three additional US-based companies in 2019.

  • Decentralised the risks of one primary datacentre location, vulnerabilities in outdated software, & inefficient performance.

  • Streamlined visibility across all global sites enabling the business to triage problems and create unified solutions.

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