Giving Back: Idea 11 donates to Children’s Cancer Institute

Some of the team waiting to bowl for charity

Every year over 950 Australian children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents die of cancer. We think this is a tragedy. Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia has made great strides in medical research and their aim is to put an end to childhood cancer.

To raise money for the Children’s Cancer Institute and to make giving fun we played an indoor bowling game at our team meeting on Monday. We have some extra space right next to our current office that we haven’t done the fit-out on yet so it’s a great place for a bowling game. Depending on the zone the ball hit, the score was worth either $10, $50, or $500 to be donated by Idea 11. Together the Idea 11 team raised $860 for the Children’s Cancer Institute. Well done team. A contribution to go towards a great cause.

The bowling target with the box of chocolates for whoever hit the kitty

Brian lining it up while Jess looks on

Josh and Ben