Amazon Web Services Migration

The introduction of ‘pay for what you use’ and ‘pay as you go’ consumption models in cloud infrastructure are a dramatic departure from the traditional capital budgeting process that has underpinned decades of previous IT projects.

Many business and IT managers are currently evaluating a cloud project and in weighing up the benefits on offer are hitting a common stumbling block. Managers are finding that in the critical planning stages that collecting the right data from their existing environment, identifying an equivalent cloud solution then performing project costing is a complex and time consuming process.

On the technology front, dozens of individual services make up leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and starting off with the right architecture mix can be the difference between a successful project and a failed migration. Reduced complexity, increased speed, cost reduction and higher availability are all benefits that are underpinned by the efficient integration of each cloud service or technology.

To address these requirements and accelerate our customers cloud projects Idea 11 has developed a process for moving enterprise workloads to the AWS cloud. From a single pilot app to whole datacentres. Click through to learn about our approach and get the data you need.