AWS Security Infrastructure

IT architecture and engineering to power forward thinking business.

IT infrastructure & security. The digital equivalent of roads, cable and pipes – infrastructure is essential to the running of a digitally enabled business. When IT infrastructure works smoothly, the business runs unhindered. When IT infrastructure stops: so does everything else.

With the shift to cloud, the disciplines of infrastructure & security have changed. Servers and SANs are out. Security everywhere and user empowerment are in. Your data and systems need to be online, fast and secure, wherever they are. Your users need access 24x7, from anywhere. The modern security landscape has changed - attacks are more sophisticated and omnipresent.

The Idea 11 way of doing infrastructure & security is cloud-first, security-everywhere, high performance, pragmatic and reliable.

Some of the things we help our customers with include:

  • AWS infrastructure
  • Networking & security
  • Office 365
  • Infrastructure uplifts
  • Company expansion, integration and divestiture
  • Microsoft platforms and services (AD, Exchange, SharePoint, Systems Centre)
  • Linux platforms and services

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