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Data is power. Harness yours.

Data is valuable. Data can uncover insights, inform decisions, bring efficiencies, create competitive edge and deliver better customer experiences.

However, transforming data into a valuable corporate asset can be a complex process requiring several technologies, tools, and environments.

Today, you may be challenged harnessing your data due to it being stored across several key business systems, in decentralised datasets, or simply due to not having the right views, reports or dashboards. Whatever is holding you back – we’re here to help.

At Idea 11, we have the expertise to help you collect, store, govern, and analyse your data so you can get insights faster and at a lower cost. We can enable your organisation to build a data and analytics capability that surfaces your data into meaningful and actionable insights.


Data Lake
Deep Dive

Empower your organisation and harness the power of data.

What value can you get from your data?

Idea 11_Insights

Gain insights into your business operations through data analytics and dashboards.

Idea 11_Decision-making

Improve decision making with expanded datasets and faster insights.

Idea 11_Customer Experience

Improve customer experience with data driven insights, personalisation and recommendations.

Idea 11_Trends and analysis

Identify trends and analysis using forecasts and models.

Idea 11_Automate

Automate business processes
driven by your data.

Idea 11_Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to uncover new insights and possibilities.

Getting value from your data.

Getting business value from your data is rarely as simple as just exporting it into Microsoft Excel.

It’s important to step back and assess the data that you do have, and what value it can provide when harnessed the right way. You can then make an informed investment into your data and analytics capability so that you can enable your business to get true, meaningful value out of your data.

Idea 11_Data & Analytics

Idea 11 can help you through this process – from finding your data and defining the valuable use cases and benefits you can achieve – right through to delivering a data and analytics capability that will empower your business.

Building your data and analytics capability.  

Whether it’s to power your digital city, assist with your financial reporting, build new operational dashboards, improve customer experience, or digitise your businesses processes – we know how to help.

We utilise a simple six-step methodology to build your data and analytics capability.

Idea 11_Data & Analytics_2

We’ll guide you through this process step-by-step, building a capability that will power your business for years to come.

We can help empower your organisation by harnessing your data as an asset.

To find out more about how Idea 11 can help,  contact us today, or call on 1300 433 211.

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