Cloud Migration

We'll help you to design and implement a cloud architecture that's purpose-built for your business—and migrate you there.

Idea 11 has helped many organisations through the journey from traditional IT to cloud-powered solutions that deliver real benefit from day one.

We've partnered with Amazon Web Services as the worlds biggest, most capable, and proven cloud provider. AWS provides the building blocks you need and reliability you can trust for the core of your cloud architecture.

We've also partnered with Microsoft, the market leaders in cloud productivity with Office 365. Office 365 is key to work-anywhere user productivity in the modern organisation.

And as your full-stack IT partner, we'll help you transform your traditional applications to cloud-delivered solutions that are ready for the future.

Idea 11 provides the expertise to help you migrate to the cloud as the first step in your technology transformation.


AWS Cloud Readiness & Licensing Assessment

Let us help you establish your cloud vision.

What differentiates a cloud-powered business and why you should make the change?


They are cost efficient with IT that's agile and right-sizes to their business.

Icons (1)

They scale their IT to ensure it's always performing, stable and meeting demand.

Icons (2)

They don't do IT for IT's sake, and only provision what they need, when they need it.

Icons (3)

They innovate using new technologies and capabilities available only through cloud services.

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They are faster to market with new offerings and solutions, getting the benefits sooner.

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They're evergreen, benefitting from technology that's up to date with less maintenance.

Our Proven Methodology

We have a proven migration methodology which can be tailored to organisations of all sizes.


Discovery and Design

A lot of businesses have similarities, but we understand that every business has the little things that make them unique.

Our Discovery and Design process is where we help you to avoid reinventing the wheel, but tailor a cloud architecture that's right for you.

We'll guide you through a process to establish your objectives, discover how your IT fits together, workshop a future state, and design a path forward.


Establish the Foundations

With your future state defined, we then move on to establish the foundations of your new environment.

We will configure your new cloud accounts, establish connectivity to your new environment, and deploy the foundational components ready for your migration to take place.

If we're moving any services to Software-as-a-Service solutions, such as Office 365, we'll also configure those services ready for use.


Migrate and Transform

Migrations are our bread and butter. Within this phase, we'll undertake a structured migration of your workloads and services into the cloud.

For Windows and Linux workloads, we'll undertake a combination of migrating them to the cloud, or configuring new workloads that make the most of your new cloud architecture.

For any applications moving to Software-as-a-Service solutions, we'll help migrate your data and your users into the new platform.

We work closely with you throughout the migrations to make sure it all happens smoothly, with minimal disruption to your business.


Finalise and Support

We don't just walk away once the migrations are complete. We know getting to the cloud is just part of the journey, and we're there to make sure you're ready for what comes next.

For some customers, that means support through our TechOps managed services team, and for others it means providing a quality handover back to your own team.

Whichever way, we'll make sure you're ready to go.


What Comes Next?

Your cloud migration is just the first step. Once you've migrated, you can begin to explore the even more benefits, such as:

    • Build DevOps practices into your IT service delivery
    • Rearchitect your applications as cloud-native solutions
    • Leverage your organisational data with data-based business intelligence
    • Take advantage of our TechOps Managed AWS service to be your operations team

We can help define what the cloud will mean to you and help you build the case for change. To find out more about how Idea 11 can help, contact us today, or call on 1300 433 211.

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